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  • What is medical tourism?

    Medical tourism is a type of travel where individuals seek medical treatment in another country. It typically involves traveling to a foreign country to receive medical care that is either not available or more expensive in their home country.

  • Why do people choose medical tourism?

    People choose medical tourism for various reasons, including cost savings, access to treatments not available in their home country, and shorter wait times.

  • What types of medical services do you provide?

    We provide a wide range of medical services, including but not limited to, consultation with doctors and specialists, diagnostic tests, medical procedures, surgeries, post-operative care, and rehabilitation services.

  • How can I get in touch with a doctor?

    You can get in touch with our doctors through our website or by calling our customer service hotline. We will help you schedule a consultation with the right specialist based on your medical needs.

  • What is the process for booking medical services?

    The booking process is simple. You can either book online through our website or by calling our customer service hotline. Once we receive your booking request, we will work with you to schedule your medical services at a convenient time.

  • What types of accommodations do you offer?

    We offer a range of accommodations based on your needs and budget. These include hotels, guesthouses, and serviced apartments.

  • Do you offer translation services?

    Yes, we offer translation services to ensure that our patients are able to communicate effectively with our medical professionals.